Sometimes Big Decisions Don’t Get Made, They Happen

Don’t let your friends and family come on every date with you. No, I don’t mean physically. I mean that voice in your head saying will my friends think he’s good looking enough? Will my peers think he is successful enough? Or, perhaps it’s your mom or dad or aunts and uncles that you have in the back of your head with that ever hopeful, “Is there anyone special in your life” making you think Mr. Right On Paper but not clicking on the chemistry is worth another shot. You are the most important person in a relationship. Your parents and friends will not be there day to day if you marry that person. Make sure you are choosing for you. -business development, cyber security, NYC, divorced

Whether everybody likes you or not is not the point. I used to worry about whether or not people liked me. But, of course, not everyone is going to like you anymore than you’re going to like every person you ever meet. Now I just concentrate on whether or not I like and respect the people that I’m choosing to spend my time with. -non-profit exec, partnerships, founder, married, mom, DC

Sometimes indecision is okay. Big decisions are never made, they happen. I do believe that’s true. You can think and think and think about big decisions. And you want to put your feelers out there. But sometimes a window just opens, and it feels right. -Sr sales exec, married, mom, LA

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