How To Deal With Self-Dysmorphic Disorder and Other What I Wish I Knew Then Wisdom


Walking out of the meeting the loudest, doesn’t make you a “winner”.


When you are feeling down on yourself…feeling that “I’m not enough” feeling, know that it’s just your anxieties talking. Walk away from the mirror, the phone, the office and just take a break. You’ve probably heard of body dysmorphic syndrome. I think there’s also a self-dysmorphic disorder, where some days there is just a fog over the lens of how you see yourself. Let the fog clear. Its not how others see you.


There really are three (four or five) sides to every story. Don’t be too harsh on friends when they don’t behave the way you think they should and don’t take it too personally either. There is no way any of us knows what is going on inside that persons had and other parts of their life. If they’ve been a good friend in the past, give them the benefit of the doubt.

4020 Vision Quote Of The Week:

“To people wanting to uncover their life purpose, keep your eyes open, network, and realize there’s a whole lot behind what you’re seeing. Be open to where your path takes you and don’t be afraid to try something new. You will learn more from your failures than our successes. And when you find your ‘why,’ which is often what you most enjoyed doing as a child, trust it.” — Linda Otto, founder and CEO of Grandmas2Go

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