7×7 Mentoring Salons

434076762600980_a-7c81b03b_JPW2VA_pmAs part of 40:20 Vision’s mission to facilitate mentoring between generations we offer live mentoring events geared to women who share a passion for driving professional growth.

7×7 Mentoring Salons are a unique, small group experience that bring together 7 mentors and 7 mentees to provide actionable advice in a collaborative, non-judgmental setting.

Check back for the next salon. Also available on an on-demand basis and offered as a unique mentoring perpective to corporate mentoring programs.

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I would highly recommend that you participate in this wonderful program. It connects you with amazing 20somethings looking for guidance. I made some great new friends and was captivated by the round-table discussions.”– Susan McPherson, McPherson Strategies

Christina is doing a great thing connecting groups of women.” – Joanne Wilson, Angel Investor, Gotham Gal and co-founder of the Women Entrepreneur Festival

7×7 offers ambitious, smart, and generous women the opportunity to learn from one another and truly connect in an authentic way. I was both impressed and inspired by the women I met and continue to call many of them my good friends.” – Stella Grizont, Founder + CEO at WOOPAAH

Today its hard to find high-quality mentorship but the 7×7 Salon provides a rare opportunity to receive genuine guidance from industry leaders and build relationships that can make an impact on your career. It exposed me to invaluable feedback that I would have never otherwise have access to and was truly a threshold point for my business.” – Melody Wilding, Psychology expert, therapist to entrepreneurs & millennials

I think the best part of 7×7 is that the value continued long after the salon. At the salon itself, we received actionable takeaways, but the relationships that were formed led to ongoing support and advice! I recommend these very highly!” – Alison Goldberg, Blogologues

The 7×7 mentoring salon I attended was life changing. Christina has a way of making a group of random people feel comfortable, and The advice and guidance I received from other women has helped me feel more confident in my career decisions. I am now a part of a community of women in NYC of all different ages and backgrounds that I might have never met if it wasn’t for 7×7 mentoring. One of my best friends today, I met through a 7×7 mentoring event, and I couldn’t image my life without her.” – a 7×7 mentoring salon participant

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a round table discussion on finances. We were a bunch of 20 to 40- something year-olds and not only did we actually talk about money, we got right to the thick of things– after bonding over the high cost of renting, we covered how much we make, how much we spend, how much (or little) we save and promised each other and ourselves to be smarter about our choices. In a world that tells us to keep the money card close to the chest, we bared all and had a refreshingly open and honest conversation on an incredibly important topic.” – Cameron Neal, co-founder, A.Moay