Build Strength, Show Warmth, and Other Lessons Learned From Leading Tech Exec

Opt for warmth and strength — but show the warmth. People love passion. Corporations want somebody who’s enthusiastic and passionate. VCs invest in the person. Startups have to inspire people to come along with them on a not yet tangible journey.

Know what you are good at. Be able to articulate your strengths. Have that statement at the ready because you never know when you need may need it or who you will meet. Keep adding skills and interests. Think of your resume like a girl scout sash that you keep adding badges to.

Get on a board. This is something that adds to your resume and gives you a chance interact with a diverse group of smart people about leadership and operational issues and decision making. It’s seems hard to know where to start but look at non-profits. Twenty-five percent of all not-for-profit board seats are only filled at any time. The body of a board is exactly the same whether for profit or non-profit. You learn about governance. You learn about recruiting. You learn about financials. You have to have an audit committee. Plus, you get the benefit of having a huge impact as well. It shows you’re a leader in your community.

-C-level tech exec, board member and mentor, NYC  

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