You Already Have Your Voice

I missed my regular post last Sunday. I was in Boston for our Women@Forbes Closing The Investment Gap Summit. This is the second year in have kicked off the annual Forbes Under30 Summit — which gathers rising innovators and entrepreneurs to learn, experience and interact with diverse leaders of all ages. In other words, lots of 40:20 vision and wisdom.

Here are a few wishes I took away from the summit:

You already have your voice. Stand tall, put your shoulders back, and stand your sacred ground, because it’s yours. Emery Whalen, he CEO and cofounder of QED Hospitality, a restaurant group based in New Orleans

“When I was raising my round I would stand in front of my mirror and say ‘Jessica, don’t be afraid to dream like a white man.’” – Jessica O. Matthews, founder of Uncharted Power, a data and tech company that generates clean and cost-efficient energy for communities in need.

Doing this mental exercise before meeting with investors helped her bring her A game. It also paid off: In 2016, Matthews raised $12 million, at the time the largest Series A ever raised by a black female founder

Know the difference between wishing and dreaming. Bet on yourself and take a risk.” – Wade_Davis28, a former NFL player and a diversity and inclusion consultant,

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