Why You Should Embrace Your Vulnerabilities



Today a 40-something woman in the graphic design field shares what she knows now about life and fear — that life is more interesting in it’s vulnerabilities.


I wouldn’t be so afraid to be myself. I feel like what’s interesting about me is what’s different about me. Not because I’m trying to be different on purpose, but what makes me unique for myself aside from being a good friend and a good creative. The things that I find interesting or not interesting or my viewpoint – that is where people want to connect. My vulnerabilities are where the real connection happens. I’m not going to be close with anybody if I only show them my strong side. I’d tell myself to be less afraid of showing my true colors. When I finally realized I was doing that and started to be myself, I made much better friendships at work and outside work. I had more time to play. I would have been just as successful if I had let a little more of my pizazz shine rather than have such a tight view of what smart and successful looked like.


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