Change What You Can Change

two roads girl


Unfortunately, for me, it took me until like mid-thirties to learn that taking risks was empowering. I also became better because of having taken those risks. I became better in different ways, whether it was doing something uncomfortable or seeing somebody I’ve wanted to meet a for a long time, or getting in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon – I entered into all these different areas of risk and I think it was because I just needed change in my life.

I don’t mean you should be irresponsible. I think you have to be practical about how to pay the bills. God knows there are days when I have to convince myself not to quit my job because the economy wouldn’t support it. But I do mean you should always get what you want out of whatever situation you are in and you shouldn’t feel like “I’ve been here and it’s easy.” We all get complacent.  Don’t let someone else manage your life for you.

I don’t think anyone should settle. I’m not saying you have to have a crazy expectation but don’t settle. If you feel like you want to do something different or that this person is not the right person or good partner ….you need a plan B. Everyone knows when a relationship is over and everyone knows when you won’t advance at your job or you are not going to make more money because the company had said “we were not giving any more wages for the next 10 years.”  You know. Whatever it is, there are signs. Trust them. This is over. I need to look elsewhere. Change what you can change.  — 40-something, marketing exec, mom, married, Washington DC

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