It’s Not Easy Making A Decision to Do Nothing

Today’s post is some words of wisdom from a 40-something, mom, wife and consultant who has made many shifts in her life…some planned and others unplanned. Through her own shift from corporate life to consultancy, she became involved in a long term research project on workplace flexiblity. These are a few key things she knows now that she wishes she knew then on life and work. One thing that comes with being 40-something is the realization that you have to be flexible.”

No decision is a decision

“No decision is a decision to do nothing. A lot of people we spoke to (for research on workplace flexibility) just made no decisions. They did not make a decision to do anything. Whether it is changing a job, starting a company, having kids…making no decision is a decision. So you need to realize you’re making a decision to do nothing. That’s hard.”

Life is a pendulum not a continuous state of balance

“At different times of your life, things will shift. You can always make another decision. Right now, I could resent staying at home but I have children who need me. My kids are at a fun and interesting stage and I am happy I can be with them.  I’m lucky my husband is doing okay and I can volunteer. Maybe in a year… that pendulum will switch and all of a sudden something else will take on more importance.

There isn’t some orderly rule of checks and balances. I see it more as fluidness. Things change. Up doesn’t always keep going up and down doesn’t always keep going down. If you can just understand there is a flow and learn to adjust and be okay with it, there is a lot of peacefulness to that. Your life may not be peaceful but you can have a sense of peacefulness.”

Life doesn’t stop at 30….keep exploring.

“There is no cut off point. Create a bucket list and listen to it. There’s no age limit. I’m running my first full marathon in a month.  So you know, you can keep trying new things.

Some people feel flummoxed that they don’t know what they love doing. I would say look outside of the box. Keep thinking about What makes me happy? What do I like to do? What am I good at? What is fulfilling? What can I help at? And then just try things. You won’t regret trying. If that’s not the one, try something else. Keep trying. Just don’t be afraid to try.”

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