Three Gifts For A 20-Something – Leading with Compassion

This week’s Three Wishes are from the Girlboss Rally that I attended this weekend. An afternoon panel on Leadership was filled with 4020 wisdom from Linda Wells, who recently took the position at Chief Creative Officer at Revlon after 25 years as the founder and EIC of Allure Magazine and Deborah Curtis, American Express VP of Entertainment & Marketing Sponsorships.

1. Have self compassion. The whole world is not watching you. Treat yourself the way you treat your friends. Have more forgiveness.  — Linda Wells 

How many times have you told a friend that the thing she did or or is worried about was no big deal. And you mean it. Linda pointed out that we are much harder on ourselves than we are on others. Similarly, Deborah encourages us all to be kinder to ourselves, saying  “Forgive yourself for not being perfect.” 

2. Your career trajectory is going to be a long time. A mistake is a just blip in time. Experiment. It is just one step to the next step. There is opportunity only when you seek change for yourself and don’t shortchange yourself. — Deborah Curtis 

Along the same lines, Linda told the audience not to let a failure define you. You can redefine success with your next step. 

3. Become a master of what you do. The best way to become successful is to be good at what you do. — Deborah Curtis

We often hear about leading with compassion as it relates to others — listening while owning your power, embracing empathy — but this was an important reminder that you have to have compassion for yourself to get there!

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