Three Gifts for a 20-Something – You Are Stronger Than You Think

What three “gifts” would you give a 20-something if you were a “Forty-Godmother”? Here 40-somethings share three wishes to help a 20-something get a head start on the confidence to make decisions that are right for themselves. No more woulda, coulda, shoulda. 


1. Don’t let fear dull your appetite for risk. Many of the best decisions I have made have been the riskiest. Taking new jobs, moving to new cities, putting myself out there in uncomfortable situations. When I was a young teen and probably through college, I thought I could do anything or be anything and didn’t hold back from saying exactly what I thought. Then I went through a period of thinking I had to get the job so I could make money so I could get promoted so I could make more money and live a certain lifestyle. Now I realize that was the time I could afford more risk. And of course now is the time I don’t even think they are risky and are the things that make the biggest difference in my growth.

2. Every time you think you can’t do something, remind yourself of a situation you thought was impossible and you came through it. You are stronger than you think!

3. Be a mentor. You don’t have to wait to be a certain age or level. The best way to learn hot to get the most out of mentoring is to be a mentor.

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