Rejection is a Self Fulling Prophecy…Believe In You.

girl-sitting-posing-trees-mediumHey Visionistas!

I’m not sure where I got this advice from, but I know it was from a man. I’m a big believer that mentors come in all shapes, forms and sizes…male, female, older, younger or peers, long term or short term — it’s all about an exchange of wisdom learned from experience. I love this insight about how men and women relate to NOs. I often share that for the former a No means …back at you tomorrow, and for later it means the end.

Don’t take rejection personally. For the most part, people aren’t saying no because of me — unless I’m uncomfortable with my pitch or I didn’t research the audience. They are saying now because they simply don’t have a need for what I have to offer. That’s different than who I am. You have to change your thinking from how many people tell you ‘no’ to how many people tell you ‘yes’. Any time you’re trying to establish a business relationship, people respond to your belief in yourself more than anything else. Confidence establishes credibility, and credibility establishes trust. If you’re speaking to someone with the fear that they will say ‘no’, you won’t come across as confident. But, if you speak to them with the expectation that the audience will say ‘yes’, they will believe in you.

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