What I Know Now: Changing Your Mind and Changing The World


This woman reflects on the things she has discovered about life in her 40s and how she has progressed from 20s to 40s. After building businesses, bankruptcy, getting back up, family ups and downs…she keeps going gracefully. Here is what she knows now.

  1. When you are young you think you know how to get to where you want to be. Once you hit 40, you actually know how to get there and often realize it’s not where you really wanted to be in the first place!
  2. I learnt once I hit my 40’s that you can’t do everything right all the time. You make decisions that are right for you at that moment. The joy of getting older means you find the ways to change your mind gracefully and do it better/more right the next time.
  3. When you are 20 you believe you can change the world. Then for a long while you think you can’t. Once you get into your 40’s you believe you can change the world again!
  4. Once you get to your 40’s you realise you can downsize again, you can, after all, only wear one pair of shoes at a time!
  5. When I turned 40, I realized I was quite possibly at least half way through my life. I struggled in my 20’s with having to have the latest clothes, shoes, hair, boyfriend, car, cocktail. Then my 30’s saw me struggling and juggling with the role of motherhood/working mum/stay-at-home-mum/wife/friend/lover/daughter/sister/best friend and so on and so on. Now in my 40’s I see you have one chance at every day. You must smile at least once every day, even if it’s only at yourself in the mirror. You realise you are at the ‘business end’ of this miraculous gift of life so you’d better bloody well try to enjoy it!
  6. When you are 20 you don’t understand the importance of the ‘bucket’ (list) once you hit your 40’s you can’t live without your bucket!

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