3 Gifts for a 20-Something

light-person-woman-fire-mediumWhat three “gifts” would you give a 20-something if you were a “Forty-Godmother”? 40-something women share three things to help a 20-something get a head start on the confidence to make decisions that are right for themselves. No more woulda, coulda, shoulda.

1.Don’t imagine a different life than what you have now based on someone else. It’s all you baby…you can’t rely on other people to change.

2. it is insanity to just do what is expected of you. Get good grades. Get a job. Make good money. Do the corporate thing. Stop. Ask yourself what you want. You only get confidence and self worth from forging your own path. When you are so busy reacting to other people you have no time to figure out who you are.

3. Make room for some mystery in your life.

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