Three Gifts for a 20-Something

shutterstock_110769932What three “gifts” would you give a 20-something if you were a “Forty-Godmother”?  40-something women share three things to help a 20-something get a head start on the confidence to make decisions that are right for themselves. No more woulda, coulda, shoulda.

1. Every time you meet someone, start with a clean slate. Don’t assume anything.

2. When you are in a negative situation just take a moment and think about whether you can look at in a different light. How bad would it be to just let it roll off your back? Don’t waste energy worrying about things you can’t change. Instead focus on where you can go next.

3. Just stole this quote — “Everything will be okay in the end.If it’s not okay then it’s not the end.”

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