Show Up And Show Your True Self

10390078_10204092637288695_3483049120354225116_nI realize that it is okay to show your true self.  I was afraid to show my personality in my twenties. I was buttoned up, got the job done professional. But I was a fun, spunky woman. I don’t think it would have hurt to let my sense of humor show a bit more. Now I can see that being your real self at work can lead to more real conversations and ideas.

Now I’m getting to the point where I speak my mind and have fun too. I think having the courage to speak your mind is part of self-worth. Self-worth is different than having self-confidence…or the “guts” to do things. It’s about doing it with knowledge of yourself.  I think you have to learn to feel good about yourself. I really think we learn to feel good about ourselves from the inside because there comes a point where the outside achievements—they’re awesome — but they’re not important. I’ve learned self-worth has to do with respecting yourself with men and women alike. – 40-something, graphic artist, designer, NYC

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