It’s Okay to Play Grownup


GettyImages_103956603In some areas, you think you know more than you do. When get to your late twenties you have a real shift, especially as a woman and you realize, wow! You start to really feel that you’re becoming who you really want to be and you’re caring less about other things that you used to care about — the whole peer and parent thing — and you’re developing into your own being or woman or person.

But for your early twenties it can be a struggle. You’re struggling to find yourself and struggling monetarily too because you just left college. You’re finding your job and living paycheck to paycheck. But for me, the biggest struggle was the strange feeling of pretending to play grownup. You’re supposed to be—you’re on your own now. Here’s your path. You’re trying to give this façade that you’re a fully fledged adult and professional but you are thinking, “I so feel like I’m 18. What am I supposed to do?” Once you hit 29 or so, you hit that mark when you’re like, I wish I could go back because there was so much time wasted playing grownup but not appreciating that is it time to play. Instead you panicked about it.

But it’s not time wasted if you think about it differently while you are in it. Because you need to play. It is your opportunity to do that. It’s your time of life to explore. It’s okay to not know. It’s okay to ask. And it’s okay to say no. I don’t think people know how to set boundaries in their twenties.

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