Calling all women CEOs…Psst…That Is You


Today’s post is a call to action to all ambitious women. This inspired “wish” is shared from on of my 7×7 Mentoring Salons.


It’s so important to elevate your vision. If you just think, “I don’t know what industry, what company or what place… but I’m going to be a CEO”. If you have the attitude that you’re going be a CEO, you already are a CEO. What does that mean if you say you are going to be a CEO? That means you need to be a salesperson. You need to know enough about tech. You need to know enough about finance.


Having any type of career goal is good but if you’re ambitious, shoot for the top. Say to yourself, I’m going to be my own version of Marissa Mayer. I’m going to do it. I’m going to keep building it. I’m going to keep learning this and that. Add that all up and someday you’re going to be in that position.”


The women in this room, we all can be CEOs. Think about it. The world needs women to be CEOs. You can be good at anything that you want to be. That’s the key. You can learn anything. The more things you’re good at the more options you have.

–50-something, CEO, founder, investor who has spanned the world of finance to fashion.

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