5 Philosophies for Life from a Dermatologist


Sorry her philosophies are not skincare secrets. Although of course I asked. Dr. Doris Day, a well known dermatologist in NYC, gave me some skincare tips before before telling me her lessons learned on how to be beautiful inside and out.

  • Prevention. Use sunscreen and Omega-3 supplements. Don’t underestimate the effect of emotional stress on your skin.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot on skincare. Premium priced products are good, but so are many low priced products. Find what you feel good using so you keep up your routine.
  • Retin-A works.
  • Your diet can help. Eat almonds. They contain essential fatty acids, which help put the brakes on inflammation that accelerates fine lines, sagging, and blotchiness. Salmon, tuna, and halibut are good lunch/dinner sources.

Dr. Day had more to share with me on getting the emotional balance that she gained in her first 20 years of working through some traumatic experiences in her youth.  I would say it works, as she is truly vibrant at 50+. Here she shares 5 hard-learned lessons on a life well lived.

1. You  have to appreciate how precious life is. It’s a struggle to do this in your twenties but you will be lucky if you do.

I lost my sister when I was 16. It makes you wonder, “What is life? Why am I here?” It’s a struggle. It sounds weird and I don’t wish it on anyone, but I was lucky to go through this when I was 20. It was hard. But we all go through it. It was a struggle, but in the end I learned to live life to the fullest in every moment. In your 20’s you think you are immortal. You have no idea how precious and beautiful life is. I wish I could give 20 years olds this perspective.

2. You will struggle with your identity in your twenties but it’s your choice whether this leads you down a destructive path.

My 20’s were destructive. I gained a lot of weight as I struggled with my identity. I think that is what a lot of 20-year-olds go through. I hit rock bottom at 170 and now I’m 120. I wasn’t happy and then I realized that it was my choice. The path was clear. Even though it was a struggle it was kind of fun to immerse myself in it. I am lucky that I came out the other side rather than falling into a more destructive path.

3. Find your balance – a way to keep things in perspective. 

I found a way to get balanced. A balance that worked for me. I turned to literature and read the great thinkers of the past. There were years where I didn’t even go out. I found my fun in education. My goal was be better. To educate people about their choices. To write about hospice care as part of my work as a dermatologist. So much of the skincare work I do is to help educate people. Healthy skin is about a healthy mind and healthy body. Stay balanced by keeping it all in perspective. Live with interest. You don’t have to feel so alone.

4. You can choose to be positive or negative.

You have to learn to realize the joy in everything you do. You can have an impact on other people. It’s your choice whether it will be positive or negative. We are all going to die, it’s what you do in between that matters. So everyday I kiss my children, I appreciate my friends and family and the people in my practice.

5. It’s really about finding happiness from within.

It’s not about waking up and getting through day just having fun. Happiness doesn’t come from other people. Happiness and approval has to come from you. I’m not perfect but I approve of myself and I don’t have to look for others approval. And then you get and give so much more from the relationships in your life. Feel comfortable in the self first and then you can be a lot happier with others.

After the interview we joked that she was the philosopher dermatologist. Not far from the truth. Find out more about her life, practice and books here: Dr. Doris Day

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