The Best Thing About Getting Older



“In your 40s get to be who you wanted to be in your 20s but were afraid what other people would think.”


On getting to be yourself – one of the greatest advantages of age.


“Don’t think the movie that’s going on in your head is real. It’s not the next thing, its not the thing your friends are doing, it’s not who you were yesterday.  Your life is your thing. – 40-sometihing, executive in travel / hotel industry, 44, Los Angeles


“Don’t spend so much time worrying about fitting a certain part. I was confident at work but not with men. I didn’t think I fit the single in the city / glam girl image so I was like, “Look at me…I’m the funny one.”  But with my job I wasn’t thinking about fitting the part I was just being me. That’s when you are at your best.” – 40-somehting, wife, mom, marketing & promotions, CT


“To be young and not care what people thought of you. . .  everyone would want to be your friend. Every experience would be fresh and new.” – 40-something, Chicago


“You don’t always have to do everything your family wants you to do and thinks you should do.  I am realizing I can’t just be that baby sister forever. In my 20s I played that baby sister role and did whatever anyone wanted to do, I did it. People pleasing. Totally. I’m trying to end it at 40.  I can’t do that anymore.  Don’t do it. You lose a lot of your time. You spend a lot of time thinking about what you should be doing and you are not doing. And in the end it all is the same. – 40-something, finance, wife, mom, CT



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