Five Women On What They Know Now

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Today, five women reflect on a what they wish they knew then. A common theme is learning to embrace uncertainty. Don’t let it prevent you from enjoying—or experiencing — the actual moment you are living in.


  • “It is your attitude that will make you happier not what is actually happening in your life.” – 40-something, married, mom, finance, CT


  • “Control what you can control. The rest of it.. just let go.”  –40-something, married, 2 children, sales, CA


  • “Just do what it feels right now. Unknowns are a just a part of life.” — 40-something, married, 3 kids, IL


  • “When you make a decision at twenty-three, it doesn’t matter If it’s ‘correct’ – it might not be like that forever.” – 40-something, divorced, remarried, mom, marketing, MI


  • “Don’t wait to live your life. Get to know yourself — actually knowing what want vs. waiting for someone else or following someone else’s cues.  Plug into what you really want and go for it. Even if it is hard…you will enjoy the effort.” – 40-something, divorced, psychologist, FL


Letting go of fears and uncertaninty is hard, especially when you are twenty-something. It may seem like a throwaway, but I think what these women have come to find is that ultimately, on the other side of all that worrying, they are okay. So why spend time trying to control the things you can’t control when you can spend time growing yourself. Perhaps just try letting go of one thing that consumes a lot of your head — one thing that is in the future and that you can’t control…and focus on something you enjoy doing now.

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