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When do you know…when a guy is not for you?


Some women say they know at first glance. Other women have what I call the three date rule. I have found that a personality could turn average joe on date one into big sexy fun by date three. But how does online dating change the game? Do we judge quicker when we dismiss with the click of a key or do we get a better sense of the person behind the profile photo (assuming they are not lying).


Yesterday I met a 58 year old woman, married 30 years, 2 kids, working in health and wellness industry, leaving next week to go to Spain with her daughter to walk “The Way.” All in all an amazing woman. And if I ever wanted to get someone’s beauty secrets it would be her. She truly looks better than most 40-year olds much less almost 60.


Her perspective…look beyond the profile.

“My husband and I laugh about online dating and imagine what our profiles would have said when we were in our twenties. We never would have met if we were looking online. I would have been like “sales…boring!” He would have thought “dancer…I can’t dance”. Now I’m into horseback riding he into fishing. On Saturday mornings we don’t even think about doing the same thing. I tried going fishing with him once…I hated it. Those poor fish. But he get’s his relaxation and he loves being in nature. So we have a house in the country and I spend my morning in the riding community. I do my thing and he does his. then we come back together. You don’t have to like all the same things and those things will change overtime anyway.”

 In fact…look at yourself.

Not that you can’t online date but I think we are both saying don’t be too judgmental out of the gate. Do give a guy a chance beyond the interests and or first impression. We talked about our version of the “be the change you want to see” mantra. You have to start with yourself. Try new things you think you might enjoy but don’t force doing things because you think you might meet someone. Live your profile.

“Do the things you love doing. Get into your life and your interests.  The natural energy you have will attract others who share the interest or are simply attracted to your good energy.”








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