Making Yourself Invaluable


First, safe harbors to all those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  I found this quote to be relevant for this time and for over time as we deal with sorrows in our life.

“As long as sorrow doesn’t replace resilience we’ll be just fine.” —Christopher J. Christie

As for my post today I’m following up on a post from Monday on how to get respect at work. Several women who answered also spoke in general about success …and resilience…in their career. I thought it was great discussion to share.

Some women believe getting respect is not  a matter of working harder it’s working differently.

“I was not the overachiever in academics and didn’t fly above the radar in that sense.  I’m an achiever because I really think about my career and job and plot it out. I have had to work and figure out the politics and work through it.  Create your own goals of what you want to accomplish how you will move up.  Yes there is the longer-term business plan of what your job is but how you will be perceived as successful is a plan that you have to create for yourself.  You have to think about how you are going to get from point a to point b.

The way I did that is by making myself invaluable. I knew more. I made myself so that the people that I work for couldn’t live without me. I knew shit they didn’t know.  I made sure I was valuable. I created my own value. Spent time investing in self. Create your own value see where you can add value. Being creative…thinking outside the box. This might be your job but you have to think about how you are going to get from point a to point b. . I think it was  Oprah who said. “Think about the position you want to be in not the one you are in. That can help you create a path to get there . What do you need to do to get to the next level? Or what is your dream job..think about what you can do to get there.


“When you work hard you deserve a place at the table.  I knew the details. I don’t think I did it because I know what I wanted to be in 10 years, I just knew I wanted to be really successful and my way to get there was knowing more. I made sure I had that one detail that made my bosses decision easier.” – 40-something, investment banker


“The way to make yourself more valuable is to make your bosses life easier. Not about me me me…not how do I get respect. It’s about how do I make my boss’ job easier. And in turn you will be respected because you are doing a better job.”


“I worked my butt off just to feel like I deserved a seat at the table. It took longer for me to feel like I had a voice.”40-something, investment banker, New York City


“Take risks. You have to be careful with the risks that you take at a younger age but the risks are what are going to give you that recognition that you need.”

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