Three Gifts For A 20-Something – Grow At Your Own Pace

What three “gifts” would you give a 20-something if you were a “Forty-Godmother”? Here 40-somethings share three wishes to help a 20-something get a head start on the confidence to make decisions that are right for them (not their parents, friends, teachers or society). No more woulda, coulda, shoulda. 

Raise your hand to do the new job…the one that no one else wants to do because it’s some small trend in your industry. You may be in on the ground floor of the way the industry is going and you will be the early expert. And it shows initiative. Even it if doesn’t grow you will get access to people you wouldn’t if you were following the traditional path.

It’s okay to grow slow. If you are starting a business or side project or even a blog or podcast, don’t get discouraged by articles you read of others growing faster than you are. There’s a lot of pressure to go fast, to scale, to prove yourself with some big numbers. People like to write about numbers. Slow and steady is not a good story until later! Growth is very important, but it is okay to grow at a consistent pace if you believe in what you are doing, and you are connecting to an audience that cares about it.

Leave time for learning. Talk to people who are trying to do what you are doing. read books on what you want to know more about. Tell people what you want to do better.

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