40-Somethings On FOMO (Before It Was Called FOMO)


Four women reflect on whether not missing out was worth it.

“Don’t care so much about doing what everyone else is doing. Being a part of it doesn’t make a difference if you are making your own “IT”. In the end, you will find you didn’t miss out on much.” – 44, wife of 25 years, 4 children, salesperson and artist, AZ

“Sometimes you make choices because you are afraid of missing whatever it is that you think is going on out there. But that is not really choosing. You are just choosing the default because you don’t want to miss it.” – 40-somehting, teacher and musician, mom, married, OH

“A lot of bad choices happen when you can’t be alone.” – 40-something, married, kids, consultant, PA

“You’re not missing anything. So your friends are at the bar and you’re not. You’re missing getting drunk maybe ….but in the grand scheme of things you’re not really left out. For me I always worried, “If I don’t go, they might not invite me the next time so I’d better go to everything so I can make sure I can do everything and see everything.” It was fun for a while but easy to burn out on that.” – 40-something, single, tech company executive, Chicago



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