The Best and Worst of Your Twenties


Best Part of Being In Your Twenties

Truly being able to not have responsibility to anybody but yourself. As you get older, that is not the case. You can be the last responsibility at this point in life. But in your twenties there’s a sense of complete independence. You’re not relying on your parents. You’re completely responsible for your own outcome whether it’s good or bad. It’s the time to make really shitty decisions in life when it doesn’t affect anybody else.

Use this time to become financially independent, enjoy time with your friends, follow your interests. Don’t stress over when to get married. Be open.

Worst Thing About Being In Your Twenties

The hardest part is knowing when to get out of a bad relationship. Trying to make a bad relationship work when you really in your heart know that there is no chance. If you were honest with yourself, you know that this is not the person you want to have children and quarrel with for the rest of your life.

Don’t confuse being the right time for you to commit (or the time your friends are committing) with the wrong guy.

– Detroit, 40-something, mom, wife, career in finance

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