Choose Your Power

shutterstock_147636449-300x200“I am powerful because I choose to be powerful.” – Ashley Graham

This quote reminded me of this post.



All you are in this world is what you do.

 It’s only your actions. Your existence in this world is just what you do. It’s not what you say or what you think. Because that is just what you think. The only thing that affects someone else is what you do. It doesn’t even matter why you did or didn’t do something. Because the only meaning is your meaning.

It’s hard to learn that…. you need the lightening bolt that gives you perspective. We can just try to teach 20-year olds that you are your actions. If you are true to your words then you will always get what you want. Just by putting it out there, you are setting a goal, and your energy your actions will follow.

There is so many books out there on the whole goal-setting thing but it’s really all just the same thing.  It’s just putting out to the universe what you are doing, and then doing it. Once you put it out there —  if you have integrity to your word (which is really all there is) — then you are going to do it.

Steven Covey and The Secret is all the same thing. For some people it’s visualizing. Decide on it. Then act on it. Even if you don’t have a plan for the goal, if you set the goal, and are thinking about it, you are naturally going to start doing things that point you in that direction.

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