A No Is Not Forever: How To Not Take It Personally


You are going to hear NO hundreds of times, so you have to listen to what you hear through that filter. You can’t take every single “no,” personally. Sometimes it comes from a bias from someone else’s side. Sometimes it’s not a valid point. Everyone has different opinions on things. Maybe it is a valid point. Always get the why. Sometimes it is a valid point.” —  Entrepreneur, photographer, writer, 7×7 Mentoring Salon

I look back on some ideas that I thought were amazing and can see now why they weren’t right. Other ideas may have been great but at the wrong place or wrong time. Think of all the times you go shopping. Not everything you try on is worth buying. It’s just not right for you or the occasion you are buying for that day. It doesn’t mean the designer was wrong or stupid or that you will never buy from that designer. It just wasn’t right now. – CV


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