One 40-something Shares Her 5 S’s and What She Wish She Knew Then



What i wish i knew then. 

Well there is the obvious ones, what I call the five “S’s — sleep, sip water, sunglasses, sunscreen and don’t smoke.

I was insecure…I suppose as you get older you realize everyone was!

You just can’t put all your time and energy into one person. You end up not seeing the good opportunities that come to you from work to travel to friends.

When I learned to stop looking over people’s shoulder for what what next or what I was missing, my life got so much better. Stop wondering what is around the corner and just be yourself and look at what is in front of you. It changed my life. I got out of a bad relationship, rekindled old friendships, got a new job and when the right guy came my way, I as able to see him.

Cherish your friends, take care of them keep in touch. Friends are the backbone of life. Especially after kids. There will be falling outs, but they come back. Longevity matters. I didn’t realize that. History trumps everything.

At work you have to get out of your own way. You have to get outside of yourself. It’s no longer about whether you get a star or whether you show up on time. It’s not school. It’s about relationships and figuring out what is important and how you can help the company or organization get there. Sometimes that just means figuring out exactly what you boss needed before they know.

Work your ass off to make your own money and life.

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