The One Person’s Opinion That Matters

When you reach a certain age, you have already put up with so much nonsense and heartache. You realize…WOW, I’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way trying to find that guy who was supposed to be the prince and might grew up and might fit into the vison I had for my life. Why did I spend 20 years of my life doing that?  When all you need to do is be true to your own ideas and like your own life. And if someone shows up that you are willing to give your time and energy and love to….wonderful. Otherwise, have a good time, enjoy your life and do it 3 ways from Sunday.

Hold out for yourself. Have experiences. Enjoy your moments. Never sell out. Be your own person. When you are with some you are genuinely interested in and he gives it right back to you…you don’t have to worry so much about do I look cool? Do I have the right ring? Does he have the right job? Do we look cute together?  What will our wedding photos look like? What will my mom say?. Just enjoy it for yourself.  There is no one more important than you and if you can find someone that shares that opinion then you have found the perfect match. And if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. You have had a great time getting to where you are.  – 40-something, LA, producer

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