Make Sure It Is Your Dream

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A fave 40:20 theme reprised…on dreams and making them your own.


I teach and mentor young women in the performing arts and the funny thing is that I have talked a few women out of this dream because I can tell it is not their dream. I can tell when there is the feeling that it was your dream but it is getting hard. It’s really not that fun. That was it for me. I read this quote that I always tell my students:

You know it is your dream if you enjoy the process and almost don’t even care about the result. You are so passionate about the doing of it that the result almost doesn’t matter. And you know it is not your dream, but it is somebody else’s dream for you, if you endure the process just for the result.”

I think it is a remarkable litmus test.  The former are the things that get the best results because the process is the result. If you are just pacing through the process, it is not going to come to much. – 40-something, Cleveland


On the debate as to whether you need to love what you do I veer towards the yes side. But there is nothing worse than doing it only because someone else loves it for you. One of my favorite 40:20 Vision quotes on doing what you love.

You know who is wildly successful at their job? People who love what they do. People who love what they do don’t even feel like they go to work. And the rest of us who work at jobs that make us unhappy, go to work. And fell unhappy. It sounds so simplistic to say follow your happiness. And it is hard because it goes against society sometimes. It goes against your parents.  It goes against conventionality. Yet, at the same time, some people can’t do anything but what they love. And those people are usually very successful and happy people. – designer, entrepreneur, married, mom, NYC

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