No Worries….What I Know Now

pexels-photo-medium-2One thing I know now. Worrying doesn’t get you anywhere. Oh the voices in my head worrying what if, why and who —  just taking away my sleep at night or keeping me distracted from doing me. I’ve learned that worrying rarely solves a problem… but it may raise some good questions. So a quick guide:

If you are worrying about whether you are doing a good job at work, ASK. Get feedback so you know what to focus on vs wondering if you are off track.

If you are worrying about whether he or she likes you, DON’T ask. If your partner / potential partner doesn’t make you aware of that after a meaningful amount of time together, that is your answer. You then have to ask yourself if you want to live with that gnawing feeling that maybe you are not good enough / or right enough for your whole relationship.

– 40-Something, Columbus, OH



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