First Job Wisdom


Career is always a hot topic here. Today I’m sharing this article that Glynnis MacNichol wrote for Elle Magazine on 1st Job advice. The article includes a fantasitic collection of advice from the women of The, a visibility platform for “awesome women who are serious about business.”  With women hailing from industries ranging from tech, media, business, culture, politics, academia and more, the network is committed to ” helping each other get what they need and where they need to go.” So obvi, some great 40:20 Vision. Below my advice for the article. Check out the rest of the first job wisdom here:


Seek mentorship and advice at every opportunity. Most often people are flattered that you admire their path and love to talk about themselves so work it in naturally rather than await a formal process. – Christina Vuleta, Brand Strategist, Founder 40:20 Vision


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