3 Gifts for a 20-Something

871622273628833_a-90cd2862_kI19VQ_pmWhat three “gifts” would you give a 20-something if you were a “Forty-Godmother”?  40-something women share three things to help a 20-something get a head start on the confidence to make decisions that are right for themselves. No more woulda, coulda, shoulda.

1. Get involved in some kind of sport. You don’t have to be super-athletic to get into running or swimming or kayaking or some other sport like that. It gives you a sense of achieving a goal and accomplishment that gives you confidence. It can be something as simple as hiking the half dome or whatever that might be. it will likely create fun stories too…for your social life. It gives you something other people can respond to. And if you’re in a bad job at that moment, you don’t rise and fall completly based on your job.

2. You want to be with someone who puts you up in lights. Someone who really gets you. Looking back, you kind of know it. There were people you were dating you that you know they don’t think you are the end all, be all and that’s not what you want. He’s probably not going to put you up in lights every single minute but you should feel like they make you feel special.

3.  Invest better. I think you should get a financial advisor when you are young and work with that person to set specific goals… even if you’re not making a lot of money. What are my goals? What do I want to try to save by the time I’m 30? Because you may get to a point in your life where you’re raising kids, or you’re not working, and at that point if you haven’t saved money, you’re going to be disappointed.

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