Where Hiding From Fear Gets You

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It’s natural to be afraid but don’t let that fear force you into some hiding out place. I think that happens a lot. I think I did it a lot. Whether it is fear of being alone or fear of not dong a good job at work….there are a lot of places to hide. I went to the clubs and partied all the time but it could be working overtime on the less important tasks to keep you occupied or getting fixated on drama in friendships and dating. When you put so much pressure on yourself, you’re going to find ways to distract yourself until you get away from it. But you really don’t get anywhere.

So I think maybe it’s about not putting that kind of pressure on yourself because then the outcome of failure is not going to be so bad. The world is not watching you. The imaginary camera that’s taking a picture of you isn’t really there. You can let yourself feel some freedom to figure s*** out and make some mistakes. — 40-something, producer, Los Angeles

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