Dreams Change










Just because you had dreams or you had a plan of what you thought your life was going be at 20, doesn’t mean you’re the same person when you’re 30. You can hold on to what you thought your life would be like, but maybe where you want to be has changed. It’s important to not have such a set path. To think, “Maybe I’ve made some decisions that got me here. Why did I make those decisions?” There must have been some reason why you did, so you must have enjoyed the things that got you here. How do you look at that and reassess and make new goals?

Of course, sometimes decisions get made without you control. Embrace the change as a chance to reset. Change can fuel new dreams. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, why not focus on what you do have? It just creates better energy which opens so many more opportunities. The thing about dreams is…they can change at any time!


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