Looking Back On How I Moved Forward

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What I know now: one 40-something female serial entrepreneur’s advice on career ups and downs and moving forward.

On reaching goals…

Getting too caught up in the details. Is what you are spending your time on moving you forward or just maintaining the status quo? You can feel busy 24/7 but you’re not doing yourself any favors if what you are doing is not progressing you toward your or your company’s goals.

On planning…

I used to be a 5-10 year plan person in my teens and twenties. Now I don’t even like 2-5 year plans. I look 18 months out. It’s important to learn how to manage relationships so you can make changes when necessary.

On managing…

That not everyone is like you. It’s natural to assume we’re all motivated by the same thing, but we’re not. As a new manager I employed an incentive strategy that motivated me. Guess what? No one else wanted it. I thought, “OMG, I would have loved it.” But I was not dealing with ten “me’s”, I was dealing with 10 individuals. You have to understand what success looks like for them.

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