One Cycle You Have to Avoid In Your 20s









My 20s were all about what I didn’t have, what I could have, what I needed to have. And now it is more about ‘wow, I’m so lucky’. I constantly feel grateful for what I do have and it gives me such a different view on life.

I wish I had believed more in my strengths. The world can be a competitive place so there is always someone who doing more…someone who is prettier, thinner, smarter, wealthier. It’s very easy to get caught up in this negative cycle of comparison and see yourself as lacking. But there is also someone who is not as smart, not as attractive, not as wealthy. So you have to focus on your strengths and what you have going for you. Then you can move forward rather than get stuck in the “not have’s”.

In mu 20s I took everything so seriously. Now at 40 I take things more lightly. If you don’t take things so seriously… it’s easier to not compare. — 40-something, business owner, entrepreneur

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