Develop Your Own Center of Gravity

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“Whatever decision you make you can make another decision”

You don’t realize how amazing your twenties. We were so focused on moving forward we didn’t see the present. I wish I had taking myself, or my life, less seriously. Looking back, it was an easier life-stage. We didn’t appreciate that – but we had no way of knowing. Now we know that life only gets more complicated. While it seems as though you have a lot of important decisions to make to set your life in motion — on the right trajectory no less — there will be plenty of chances to change course.

In our twenties we worried more about what we should do, what our parents expected or what are friends were achieving, be it career, marriage or being close to home. By your forties you worry less about those things (hopefully!) but life is more complicated with kids and mortgages and businesses and responsibilities. There are tangible worries that come along with all that …but you care less what other people think and you know that whatever decision you make you can make another decision and whatever down period you go through there will be another side.  40-something, fashion industry, wife, mom, Brooklyn, NY

You can always try to get a head start on making decisions that are right for you. A few ideas:

Develop your own center of gravity. What do you really care about and want to do.  How do you want to live your life. Ask yourself, if I were going to be on my own for the rest of my life what decisions would i make that would make me happy. Take everyone else out of the equation and try to answer that. Then use that as a guide post for your decisions.

Travel. Alone if you can. Safely. You will learn you are capable of so much more than you think….and learn how others people live. That gives you perspective on how you want to live your life.

Be open to others around you. Don’t get talk yourself into thinking you re focusing on your career now so you don’t have time for a relationship or for finding friends. No need to close yourself off to the possibilities or judge people too soon. Be interested and you just may find that person more interesting.

Find your thing….some sort of exercise with a mind body component….that you enjoy. There’s got to be something.

Slow down. You don’t need to be at every party or event. Meet one more person at the party or event you are at.


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