Three Gifts for a 20-Something (150)


This week’s 3 gifts are from 3WCircle CEO and Founder, Caroline Scheinfeld. 3WCircle provides a platform for women to redefine success, happiness and connection. Caroline’s 3 Gifts for a 20-Something to make it through the 20s with confidence and more self-knowledge:


Make mental health a priority in addition to physical exercise.


Be self-reflective, in certain situations “it’s not you, it’s me” but sometimes it can really be you.


Don’t burn any bridges. Handle a situation as if you were on the receiving end.


Caroline Scheinfeld, Founder and CEO of 3WCircle

3WCircle_Caroline_AboutCaroline founded 3WCircle in April 2013 because she wanted a place for women to openly discuss agendas, stories, definitions of happiness and overall allow them to connect on a personal level. She realized there was a void in networking events when she was simply collecting business cards but was failing to cultivate genuine connections. 3WCircle brings women together and forges real discussions on important issues to foster lasting relationships.

Prior to founding 3WCircle Caroline was an analyst at a venture capital fund based in New York – Zelkova Ventures. While at Zelkova she focused on opportunities in fashion technology. You can learn more about 3WCircle and how to join here;

This Tuesday 3WCircle is hosting a chat with Miki Agrawal, author Do Cool Sh*t: Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business, and Live Happily Ever After  — a book about entrepreneurship and lifestyle design —  and last weeks 3 Gitfts. Event info Here and more below.

3WCircleChat Author and Social Entrepreneur Miki Agrawal, 2/25 @ 7PM

Miki is co-founder of  THINX, a high-tech, beautiful underwear solution for women during their “time of the month”. She and her partners teamed up with AFRIpads in Uganda to fund 7 reusable cloth pads for every underwear sold to get millions of girls back in school. Miki is also a partner in Super Sprowtz, a children’s media company to get kids to eat more vegetables and founder of farm-to-table, alternative pizza concept called WILD in NYC.

Please RSVP here.

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