10 Ways To Play Big

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Tara Sophia-Mohr, writer, life coach and personal growth teacher, ever since discovering her 1o Rules for Brilliant Women and interviewing her for 40:20 Vision.  As a big fan of helping women find their voice, I love her  “Playing Big” program, a three-month online leadership program that is based on her lifelong passion for helping women’s voices be heard. Her next program starts in September and today is the last day to register. I wrote about it last week as well but wanted to send this final notice for anyone how is interested.   Find out more here:

And if you haven’t yet read these  10 Rules for Brilliant Women be sure to check them out. It’s an awesome read and great advice for all 20-something women to start using now.

My favorites are #6: Question the voice? that says “I’m not ready yet.”

And #8 Filter advice” 

More about Tara here.


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