Basic Training – Relationship Style



Dear 40-somethings:  My boyfriend of almost two  years is shipping off to basic training for the army in two weeks, I am immensely proud of him but inside I am freaking out. What can I do to alleviate the stress of him leaving?




Dear 20-Something: While it will no doubt be very upsetting, please try and be strong. This is something he wants to do and is no doubt having stress about it himself. You will get through this. Use it as time to hang out with friends, do major projects you’ve been wanting to do (paint your apartment), and go to the gym. Time will pass more quickly when you keep yourself busy. – 40-something,designer/entrepreneur, wife, mom, Brooklyn, NYC


Dear 20-something: You are doing a good job just by being proud of him. 2 of my best friends are married to men in the service and I have seen loving long distance and long-term relationships so know that the distance is surmountable. Be supportive and understanding of the immense stress he is under. You may want to look up some support groups or meetups for women who are going through the same thing. Then get into your own interests and loves in your life – this will bring you and he both joy as I am sure he wants you to be happy and worries about you too. You will have lots to share with him as a result!


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