Three Gifts for a 20-Something (120)


Every time I interview a 40-something woman for 40:20 Vision I ask them what 3 “gifts” would they give a 20-something if they were a “Forty-Godmother”. Here are one woman’s gifts:


Every year pick a new thing to learn – piano, scuba, calligraphy, the history or a person or place.


Have at least one maintenance day a week. Schedule it. Don’t break this date with yourself to do whatever selfcare you care about whether it is manicures or a tweezing, meditation or losing yourself in a magazine. This is as important as any other date.


 In small ways let a guy be a gentleman – to pick you up and drop you off, to walk on right side of street, to open a door for you. It doesn’t mean you can’t be a feminist. And remember…it’s easy to send flowers or spend money on an expensive bottle of wine. Don’t judge on how much money they spend on you.  Focus on the personal stuff …how considerate are they?

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