40-Something Question: How Should I Tell People I’m Divorced?

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For any of you who have been through a divorce let us know if you have an answer for this woman who is embarrassed and feels judged about her 20-something divorce.

“I was married at 19 and divorced by 21 with no children. Although, I feel like divorce was the only option after discovering my husband’s painful affair, I still can’t help being embarrassed. The few strangers I’ve had to tell have given me such judgmental looks and comments and it just changes the way I feel about myself, like I’ve done something wrong.

As someone so young, I hope I can move on with my life and make new friends and possibly new relationships down the line.

My question is, how and when do I tell someone I’m divorced. I’m worried someone will not want to associate with me once they find out, but I do not want to lie. So what do I do?

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