What You Should Know Before You Start at a Startup

Today I’m sharing an interview I did with Tereza Nemessanyi, CEO and co-founder fo Honestly Now, a great site to get that honest advice you need when you need it.  The interview which first ran on  Women 2.0 shares her story about what she wishes she knew about starting out at a startup in the early days of web 1.0 in Eastern Europe. It’s great advice for anyone thinking of joining a startup or starting your own business in your early 20s (or for that matter any job without a great deal of structure).

“I think that if you have no experience, you need someone giving you air cover and helping you identify and leverage your strengths. If you have no experience and no mentors, it’s really hard for you to have any sense of how much you don’t know. And there’s a lot that you don’t know! Established experience can make a huge difference by providing you a point of reference.”  – Tereza Nemessanyi, CEO, Co-Founder, Honestly Now

Enjoy Tereza’s story on Women 2.0 here. 

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