A Surprising Career Skill-Builder

An interesting perspective from a 40-something woman. There is a great deal you can learn about managing relationships from waitressing. Looking for some extra cash? Feeling bad about your in-between jobs job? Don’t. Consider it an investment in some people skills that will help you in your career and get the most out of it.

“Bartending or waitressing is great preparation for life. Everybody should do it. I think that waitressing and bartending were the best skills that I learned in all aspects of my life today, whether it’s being a mom, running a non-profit, being an artist. Everything I know I learned as a bartender:) But seriously, I think that it allowed me to hold a conversation with just about anybody. It gave me the awareness to be able to tap into somebody’s life and their needs and their motivations for getting up every day in the morning. It is very humbling to serve other people. You have to get along with a total stranger for two and a half hours ensure they have a splendid time. You are a participant in that. Plus you learn how to prioritize and multi-task and get great posture. -40-something, artist, non-profit entrepreneur, married, 2 children, Cleveland, OH

Many entrepreneurs and businesswomen alike rank managing relationships as important as knowledge and other strengths or skills when it comes to their success. The art of making people comfortable, reading what they want and need, navigating them through choices and letting them think it was all their idea. When you think about it, being a waiter is all about managing up.


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