Enjoy…Don’t Get Too Caught Up In The Fantasy

Okay so you know the rub. The royal wedding puts all the fantasies about getting married that have been imprinted on us from childhood back front and center. Dear 20-somethings…don’t get too caught up in that. Enjoy the fluff and the fashion – remember it’s not the wedding that counts. It’s not about feeling like a princess for a day. For Kate and William their journey is just beginning. We wish them all the best. Of course, the dress, the ceremony, the vows, the jeweler and even those fascinators were all beautiful. But life after the wedding is not any easier than life as a single person.


Don’t get swept up in thinking that an engagement ring or wedding ring is entrée to a better life or more happiness. You’re status is much more than your marital status. If you want to feel like a princess value yourself, love yourself and tell yourself everyday how fabulous you are. Then go out and live your life as your own person rather than trying to fit yourself into some fixed vision of what happily ever after is. Any man who is out there who is worth being with will be doing that too and will value it in you. Don’t make it about what others think or where you think you should be,  make it about who you really are and who you love. I think despite all the pomp and circumstances, we can see a glimpse of that in Kate and William too.


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