3 Wishes for Brides To Be

The third post today in my royal wedding trifecta. If watching the royal wedding has given you visions of grandeur, gowns and gala celebration in the planning of our own wedding, take a step back to reality. Herewith  three “40-something” wishes for all those about to be wed.
“Don’t get caught up in the event. You have to get past the idealization of, “This is a wedding. I’m wearing a dress” the whole thing” and connect to that feeling of “Am I doing the right thing?” If you don’t get past that, the wedding itself all of a sudden becomes an event and it’s not about the marriage.” 

“Think about the day after the wedding — when you wake up. I was very much cerebral about this great party where I’m wearing a pretty dress and looking nice but what happens the next day when I wake up? Because the seriousness of marriage is very real. This is real. You want to do this forever.”

“Focus on the end not the beginning. Instead of putting all your effort and thought into the wedding up some thought into is this the person you want to be across the breakfast table from him when your are 70? It’s about companionship.”


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