Appreciate Your Negatives

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes the things we think are our worst flaws end up being something we can use to our advantage. Maybe take a minute today to forgive yourself a flaw and see where embracing it takes you. Here is one woman’s advice on how she turned something she used to beat herself up about into an important part of her career life.

Learn to accept yourself and forgive your flaws. They can turn into positives. I used to think I talked too much and I would beat myself up about it. Then I learned to accept it and now I can use it to my advantage. Now I have a radio show. I’m on television programs. I have something interesting to say. I still have to be aware of it and keep my mouth under control.  It’s about accepting your own natural beauty and assets rather than seeing yourself as flawed. When you accept them they can grow into something wonderful. You can grow things about yourself when you become more forgiving.” — 40-something, Dermatologist, New York, NY

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