40-Something Wellness Resolutions

Today is the day…the resolutions really begin. The lines for the machines get longer and the ads for weightloss regimens kick-in. In general 40-somethings recommend everything in moderation. Enjoy your endless energy and ability to bounce back…but take some proactive steps to take care or your wellbeing. It’s the habits that you start now that will impact how you look and feel when you are 40 and beyond. Here is some of their wellness wisdom:

“If you indulge too much on one end, make up for it on another. If you drank to much last night, exercise in the morning. If you ate 2 chocolate Sundaes, then go to kickboxing instead of yoga. Counter-balance your poor efforts.” – 40-something, New York, NY

“Eat real food. Food that grows in the ground. Don’t eat stuff that comes out of bags.” – 40-something, Los Angeles, CA

“Try to get more sleep than you think you need.” – 40-something, New York, NY

“Don’t make getting drunk and smoking your only weekend agenda.” – 40-something, Stamford, CT

“Just do something every day in terms of physical activity. That’s one thing I learned about exercise. In my twenties, I was doing exercise to be thin. In my forties I do it for my mind. I don’t do it for my body. I do it for my mind now.” — 40-something, Williamsport, PA

“Cheat death. Try to relieve stress as much as possible. Stress is the number one killer. Find a way to relieve stress and really take care of yourself. Stress it the worst – it keeps your weight on, it gives you shingles, you can’t sleep.” – 40-something, Brooklyn, NY

“You can’t trash your body. In my early 20s I did everything and I regret it. Take care of your body and don’t eat everything you see.”  – 40-something, Sierra Vista, AZ

“Pay attention to your skin now because damage does not show up on your skin until 20 years later and it is much easier to prevent something than to fix it.  And don’t do anything permanent to your skin that you don’t have to do. A tattoo that is visible will damage your prospects if you want that corporate job.” – 40-something and dermatologist, NYC

“It’s empowering to be strong and fit. I think a lot of 20 year olds don’t really exercise in a whole-hearted fashion. Maybe they do it for other reasons.  Because it’s cool, your friends are doing it, because you should. I have always enjoyed exercising but I have recently realized that it is fundamental. It relieves stress, it keep keeps your weight down. You don’t have to be this stupid dieting girl that obsesses about what you eat. It’s stupid.” – 40-something, Columbus, OH

“Get rid of the scale. Just because you’ve got that section of your thigh that you feel stands out like a 2’ x 4”. Right? The reality is that very few people are actually looking at your thigh. They’re looking at your boobs or they’re looking at your face. They’re looking at your hair. Don’t obsess. Don’t let that be your entire body image. The one flaw that you see is not what the world sees. – 40-something, Chicago

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