How to Celebrate a Birthday

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Today we have a post on the true ingredients needed for a meaningful celebration from Stephanie Florence, 40:20 Vision’s contributing / Millennial editor.



I recently celebrated the 30th birthday of a good friend and if I learned anything it’s how to celebrate one.

More importantly, it got me thinking about the meaning of these occasions. As a 20-something birthday events are a call for drinks and dancing (which are wonderful, don’t get me wrong). But when was the last time you had a heart to heart where alcohol wasn’t the catalyst? When you celebrated the birthday girl for everything she’s accomplished this year instead of the sassy party dress she donned? I’m a firm believer a birthday should be filled with style and fun, but the latest celebration opened my eyes to the more significant ways to bring in a new age.

Rather than presents our presence was enough. In a “choose your own adventure” format, events were spread throughout the day and friends could hop on and off as their schedules (or bank accounts) allowed. Friends were asked to prepare something to share about the man of the hour – be it silly or serious. The adventurists at this point in the celebration included family, a girlfriend and friends from various life stages. Each had a unique story to tell about the birthday boy. From raps to poems…from the tear-filled to the belly laugh-inducing, each story weaved together the greatness of our friend and was a reminder that everyone deserves his/her own celebration from time to time.

My take on this? Don’t wait for only special occasions to celebrate the fantastic people in your life. Send a letter. Write an email. Pick up the phone. The good people are in your life for a reason.

Go on and celebrate what they bring as soon as possible.

How do you celebrate the people in your life?

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